Sreeram Padmanabhan

Design Engineer, Bumble Inc.

Hello, World! I'm Sreeram (Siri) 👋. I am a Design Engineer at Bumble Inc, where me and my team build Cosmos, the Design System powering apps like Bumble, Badoo, and BFF. I have been a Web Software Engineer for over 15 years during which time, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best engineers in the world in some great companies like Bumble, Delivery Hero and Wipro where I worked for Apple, Lloyds Banking Group and Nokia which took me to countries like India, UAE, Germany and the United Kingdom. I write, mostly about Web, Life, and Productivity and speak at Meetups & Conferences about the same topics. I am also writing a book that tries to draw parallels between software and life through my long, hard, and exciting life journey.