Sreeram Padmanabhan

Design Engineer, Bumble Inc.

Hello, World! I'm Sreeram (Siri) 👋. I am a Design Engineer at Bumble Inc, where me and my team build Cosmos, the Design System powering apps like Bumble, Badoo, and BFF. I have been a Web Software Engineer for over 15 years during which time, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best engineers in the world in some great companies like Bumble, Delivery Hero, Apple, Nokia, Lloyds Bank, Wipro which took me to countries like India, UAE, Germany and the United Kingdom. I write, mostly about Tech and Life and speak at Meetups & Conferences about the same topics. I am also writing a book about my exciting journey and the decisions and sacrificies I have had to make to be who I am today.